Thursday, 7 January 2010

Valentine Bird House

Ok the next event is Valentines Day so I thought I would add some embellishments to a bird house, the entry hole surround is a shaped piece of hardwood, cut and sanded to the obligatory heart shape with a 25mm entry hole for small birds.
The side pegs hold the flap closed (obviously) and the flap is hinged making cleaning easier (apparently bird houses do need cleaning out after the nesting season to encourage nesting again and to make sure the environment in the box stays healthy).
There is a vent shaft at front and rear top and water expulsion holes scattered around on the base (important to stop fungal growth).  Also on the inner side of the front flap there are ridges cut into the wood (what I like to call Chick Assist) to aid chicks in climbing out of te box when it comes time for their first flight, again this is an important but often overloked feature.


  1. could you do one like this but in lighter coloured wood?

  2. I will send you an email, just noticed its in your profile ;) want something for the wifes spot in the garden (the area with no weeds hahaha)