Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mondrian Bird Boxes

Two bird houses with a distinct Mondrian style paint job, I like the finished product and surprisingly the colours seem to make no difference to birds looking for a home, so good all round :)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Robin Boxes

Here are a couple of Robin boxes, by their nature this style of box is quite mundane so I decided to try and add a bit of fun to them by burning little logos onto the front.

Is it a Bee Hive or a Bird House?

Here is a little bee hive style bird box I created while wondering what to do next,
there are some bees pyrographed into the front (just visible in the photo), the side is hinged and lifts up for easy cleaning, the entrance hole is 25mm making it ideal for birds of the tit species.

Another Bird Table

Here you can see a nice but simple bird table.  I burnt the wood with a blow torch to give the colour and grain effect that you can see.

The top is removable allowing feed to be put inside.

Here it is with the stand.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Bird Table

A bird table with a slighlty unusual roof design, I just liked the idea of a curved roof and it worked out better than I expected.  I have also burnt leaf shapes around the side of the table just to make it more visually pleasing.

Hieroglyphic frame

A picture frame with pyrogaphy hieroglyphics made to commemorate a good man who sadly passed away.

Map of Japan Clock

I have recently bought a scroll saw and decided to try it out, and this Map of Japan clock was the first result, I have yet to decide a color scheme (it looks a bit dull at the moment). the map is cut from chipboard which gave a nice texture.

Mexican Pine Style Picture Frames

Two picture frames requested by a friend, he wanted a Mexican Pine style frame but could not find any so asked me to make some for him.  After some research I decided on the two styles you see above, these were cut from timber square poles and I cut the recesses for the glass and pictures on a router table. Finally I added the black hardware to give that Mexican Pine furniture look, happily he was very pleased with the outcome.

Birdhouse 1

My first bird house, made completely from recycled wood. All joints are screwed and glued for extra strength. The roof is hinged to allow cleaning access, there are drainage holes in the bottom and vent holes just under the lip of the roof as recommended by the RSPB. Also below the entrance hole I have cut grooves to make it easier for the chicks to climb up when they are ready to leave the roost.